Car Wash

Clean car? Happy day.

It's not a proven scientific theory, but we feel pretty sure you'll have a smile on your face after a visit to a car wash at Sam's Mart. Offering thorough, yet gentle cleaning for your car, truck or van, our car washes at Sam's Mart leave you and your vehicle feeling shiny and new.

If you like a clean car every day, selected Sam's Marts offer a wide variety of single car wash and vacuum experiences to fit any budget. And SAVE at the pump when you purchase selected car washes at various Sam's Mart locations!

Variety IS the spice of life.

Different cars have different needs. That's why a car wash at selected Sam's Mart offers an assortment of wash packages to suit your needs. Been driving off-road? Let us handle it. Only drive your car to work and back? We've got a lighter option for that, too.

Different locations offer a wide range of options guaranteed to fit your needs. Depending on the package you select and the location, we offer self-vacuum, exterior wash, bug remover, jet drying, touch-free air dry, foaming tire cleaner, high pressure tire cleaning, underbody wash, triple coat polish wax, dual foaming tire cleaner, super sealant, tire shine, or rain guard.


Save money at the pump when you choose a car wash package at selected Sam's Marts. You can fill up and save cents off a wash, depending on the store location. That's money in your pocket on fine fueling options!

Car Wash Fundraisers

Use our car washes to clean up for your organization! Sam's Mart fundraising program allows non-profit organizations a avenue to raise money quickly and efficiently by offering community members an important service. For more information, contact Martina Foster at